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ARRA Invited to the IL Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Podcast

Updated: Mar 30

We had a blast doing the Rock N Roll Podcast at the IL Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. A special thank you to our hosts Ray Bernadisius & Michael Metoyer for making this so fun and profesh!

The Illinois Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame podcast serves as a platform to celebrate the rich musical heritage of the state and honor the contributions of artists who have made a significant impact on the rock genre. ARRA's inclusion in the podcast is a testament to their enduring legacy and influence in the Illinois music scene.

During the appearance on the podcast, Tyler Holcomb, Jim Zahrobsky, and Kevin Kries reflected on their journey as a band, sharing anecdotes from their early days and reminiscing about memorable performances and experiences from clubs to summer fests. Listeners were treated to a live acoustic performance of Stone in Love and Wanted Dead or Alive, giving their fans and intimate look into the process behind ARRA's secret to recreating the most beloved classic rock songs and the camaraderie that has fueled their longevity as a top drawing tribute band for over 35 years.

Moreover, ARRA's participation in the podcast provided an opportunity for fans old and new to connect with the band on a deeper level, gaining a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the inner workings of one of Chicagoland's top drawing and original classic rock tributes.

In 2022 ARRA's original singer Ronnie Platt was inducted into the IL Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and is now the lead singer of Kansas.

You can Listen Here:

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