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Jim Zahrobsky (Jimmy Blaze)

- Rhythm Guitar / Vocals -

Jim is one of the founding members of ARRA. Prior to ARRA, Jim was rhythm guitarist and vocalist for one of the Chicago areas top drawing classic rock cover bands for 7 years along with Kevin. Jim also helped tailor ARRA into their current success by his experience and on stage persona that helped create the name that still stands today, Jimmy Blaze.

Jim also plays all of the acoustic 12 string guitar parts and fills in difficult harmonies while making it all look easy! His extremely dynamic falsetto and versatile vocal range helps ARRA attain 3 and 4 part harmonies that can't be touched by other vocal bands. His artistic background also was instrumental in creating the original band logo and artwork.

In addition to Jim's vocal harmony talent, he sings an excellent rendition of "My Sacrifice" by Creed, Man in the Box by Alice In Chains and the always favorite "Silent Lucidity" by Queensryche. Jim is also in the process of learning new vocal materials, so if you have a suggestion on a new tune for Jim, send him the idea. Jim worked in the tool and die industry for 25 years and currently enjoys relaxing and focusing on his music and other hobbies during the week.

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