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Kevin Kreis

- Keys -

Kevin has been a professional keyboardist for over 30 years, touring across the U.S and Canada. Before becoming one of the founding members of ARRA, he was the keyboardist in one of Chicago's top-drawing cover bands, Drama, covering the music of Yes.

Having studied at the American Conservatory of Music, Kevin brings a one-of-a-kind classical flair to ARRA, which you can see on full display on Styx's "Come Sail Away" and REO's "Keep on Rolling."

Not only is Kevin a veteran of the classic rock tribute band circuit, but he also has a passion for writing and recording. He has played on numerous original recordings, including Cloud, a two-album prog-rock/jazz fusion CD (KHP, Kreis Holmquist Project). You can listen to some of Kevin's originals at his website here.

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