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Steve Latka

- Bass -

Steve has been with the band since the beginning, starting the band with Kevin and Jim. He has performed with many local bands throughout his career, playing a range of music from heavy metal to blues, all the way to polkas. (Yes, early on, he spent some time playing weddings!)

Steve's last , prior to ARRA, was RT Jams. Steve also played with Ron Platt in the early years in the cover band Lazy. Ironically enough (unbeknownst to Kevin Conner at the inception) Steve's band Lazy defeated one of Kevin's earliest projects, Dilligaf, at the Coral in Western Springs in a High school area battle of the bands final round in the early 1980's.

Steve had one of the most rock solid bass grooves to round off the rhythm section and that put the icing on the cake for what ARRA was looking to attain. Steve changes between his Modulus 5 string and a 4 string fretless to give the songs a true right off the record tone for whatever material ARRA needs to cover. Steve also has a great voice and rounds off the bands incredible 4 part harmonies.

By day, Steve maintains and "occasionally throws wrenches at" a bus fleet. In his spare time, he enjoys attending jam sessions with friends.

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