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ARRA's Song of the Month #3

"Why Can't This Night Go On Forever" by Journey

ARRA Classic Rock song of the month...

Do we have any Journey fans in the house? Hooo Yeaaaa!!!

It's hard to believe that it's already the end of March and time for ARRA's 3rd song of the month. Thank you to all for your engagement and making this new series so popular for the band.

We were reminded of this semi-deep cut from Journey by our great friend and long-time supporter of ARRA, Deana Lofrano Olson, for this month's pick. "Why Can't This Night Go On Forever?" was on the album Raised on Radio. And although it only peaked at #60 on the U.S. charts, many die-hard Journey fans consider this one of their best ballads.

As always, Steve Perry delivers a passionate performance with this one with some soring high passes and his signature "Sam Cook-like" phrasing. Yes, I said Sam Cook, check this out (

Please enjoy the selection for March, and you can check out Tyler's version here...

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