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ARRA's Song of the Month #6

"Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera

ARRA Classic Rock song of the month...

ARRA's "Song of the Month" #6 is a tribute to one of my favorite singers and 80's movie series of all time; Peter Cetera and the Karate Kid.

"The Glory of Love" was written by Cetera and the great David Foster as the love theme for The Karate Kid Part 2. Produced by Foster, it was Cetera's first hit single after he left the band Chicago, reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1986.

Please enjoy ARRA's SOTM #6, and if you haven't checked out Cobra Kai on Netflix, you are definitely missing out on some fun 80's nostalgic binge-watching!

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Please enjoy the selection for June, and you can check out Tyler's version here...

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