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ARRA's Song of the Month #2

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

"More Than Words Can Say" by Alias

ARRA Classic Rock Song of the Mont

A very special thanks to everyone for checking out the inaugural song of the month in January. Tyler's version of SteelHeart's "I'll Never Let You Go" has received over 1,500 views already! The second ARRA Classic Rock "Song of the Month" of 2022 is "More Than Words Can Say" by Alias. Check out Tyler's version here...

"For me, this is another one of those songs from the glory days of MTV that just cannot be forgotten." Tyler elaborates, "I remember the first time it hit the MTV Daily Top 20 Countdown hosted by Adam Curry, and after I heard the first line, I was like, wow, this cheesy even by my standards! But then, once it hit the chorus, I was hooked. I was singing the chorus all week long in the halls of Sundling Jr. High School."

Tyler continues, "Later that week asked my brother to drive me to Sound Warehouse in Schaumburg, where I bought the cassette single. Remember those (I wish I still had all mine)? Although, what would I play them on if I did still have them all? Anyway, it featured "More Than Words Can Say" and "Say What I Wanna Say" in a Cassette Single format in those old Cardboard sleeves. The picture on the single was the same as the one above."

"For me this is another one of those songs from the glory days of MTV that just cannot be forgotten."

The band released their debut album, Alias, in 1990; it went gold in the US and platinum in Canada. The power ballad "More Than Words Can Say" was their highest-charting single, which reached the Number 2 spot in 1990 on the Billboard charts. Many people don't know that lead singer Freddy Curci was also frontman for the band Sheriff, where they scored a #1 hit "When I'm With You."

You can listen to Tyler's version of "More Than Words Can Say Here" here.

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